test of video from Fuji 2600Z camera

In with all the tests I’m doing at the moment, I thought I’d try some video from my Fuji 2600Z digital camera. It has a built-in 20 second silent video mode, which is not much good if I want to record narration or location sound, but can get some visuals.

It seems to record with a strange codec that will play in several media players but not load into many of the video editors I tried it with. Eventually I did this little edit using the ridiculously cheap Cosmi video editor that I bought for £2.99 (about $5) from Staples. It doesn’t offer much by the way of output format controls, so I don’t really know how well anyone else will be able to see this.

On my machine it plays in Windows Media Player, Zoom Player, RealPlayer, PowerDVD, Media Player Classic and VirtualDub, but not in the usually reliable VLC player.

I’d really appreciate some feedback on how well (if!) this has worked.

I’ve tried to add the file as an enclosure. If that fails, get it here

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