Talking about Quicktime

Here’s another test piece, this time shot with a Sony DCR PC107E DV camcorder two or three days ago, then rerendered as a 320×240 WMV using the copy of Arcsoft ShowBiz (primarily a DVD ripper, but has some reasonable basic editing abilities too) that came with the little gadget I bought a few days ago.

The file is enclosed, or you can get it direct from here

I used ShowBiz because it offers Quicktime output. However, it doesn’t seem to support any sensible codecs. I couldn’t make a MOV file smaller than about 20MB for this clip, but asking the same software to produce WMV spat out this one, at roughly 1.8MB.

In the post, I ramble about some problems I have been having with Quicktime. After a bit more experimentation, it seems to be mainly a CPU horsepower issue. My regular desktop (with 2 x 1GHz pentium 3 chips in it) is obviously not up to the task of playing a quicktime movie, even though it plays other formats fine. When I took both my home-produced quicktime files and some others over to a 3GHz pentium 4 laptop, they played fine.

I’m not sure that letting the sound and visuals get so wildly out of sync is a particularly good approach to coping with underpowered hardware, though …

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