Both Sides Now

I’m still experimenting with videoblogging, so I thought I’d try and “push the envelope” and make one that’s not just a 4×3 (or even 16×9) box. But I wanted to see if I could make it an actual advantage, rather than just a gimmick.

I have always been inpressed with the way that “dltq.vlog” tiles large and small 4×3 video panels to make a single multi-frame 16×9 video, so I thought I’d have a go. But just to copy “dltq”‘s approach would be a bit dull, so instead I have glued together two 320×240 4×3 videos side by side to make a 640x24o wide “letterbox”. The two videos I stuck together? The same fragment of journey, but with one camera looking toward me, and the other looking where I’m looking. I think it’s an interesting effect.

Editing it was actually relatively painless – I’ve got an old-ish version of Adobe After Effects (4.1) on my PC which is quite capable of tricks like this. The major problem was format conversion. This version of AE dates from before things like WMV and ASF format and mpeg4 video streams. On the other hand it does let me produce a Quicktime movie using a sorenson codec (which is not too huge) without buying Quicktime Pro.

The video is enclosed, or you can get it direct from here (QT 10.9 MB).

As always, I really welcome comments or replies.

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