Garden snaps

I’m catching up with editing some of the material I have recorded for videoblogging, so here’s a short photo montage sequence. The photos were taken by my daughter Katherine, currently aged 5 years old, with a small, cheap digital camera in our back garden. I have wrapped a video round the photo sequence, but other than that they have not been edited at all. I love the way that Katherine sought out interesting, complex images in what I naively thought was quite a bland setting.

The video is included as an enclosure, or you can view it direct by clicking the image below

2 thoughts on “Garden snaps

  1. I enjoyed the montage that you put together from the great photos your clever daughter took. Good quality snaps too despite looking like an air freshener!
    My Vivitar 3650 was £45 and I thought that was cheap and cheerful until i saw yours!

    I look forward to seeing more of your blog. Cheers!

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