A “found footage” music video

In my gentle ramble through the various genres of videoblogging, I thought it was about time I did a “music video”. However, I was having a lot of trouble deciding what to do.

Then, out of nowhere, I found the clip I have enclosed. It was on the end of a VHS tape of my old stuff from the mid 1990s that I was digitising. I guess I had recorded something from the satellite TV that I subscribed to at the time, let the tape run on, then reused it. In this case, however, the sound and pictures are not from the same show, even though they were being broadcast at the same time on the same channel. The audio is from a satellite radio station (I have no idea which one) which was transmitting on one of the unused audio channels of the Sky News service.

I don’t recall ever hearing the music before, but I looked up the lyrics and it seems to be a song called “roam” by the B52s. What surprises me is how well the pictures suit the music. Not just the news reports, but even the adverts! I love the model vehicles section, but I think my favourite is the shaver roaming through the “wilderness” near the end.

The only editing I did on this was to grab this section from the tape, and fade the music in and out. I hope you enjoy it.

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