A Question for John Edwards

Senator John Edwards (the guy who ran as Vice President on the losing team in the recent US presidential election) has a video blog and is asking for questions from anyone. So I thought I’d take him up on his offer, and get with the whole “blue shirt and tree” thing, and send a question.

What do you think? Will he answer? What will he say? I can’t wait.

I sent an simple unadorned video clip, but have wrapped it a little for this videoblog. It’s an enclosure, as always, or you can download or view direct by clicking on the image below.

Cooking With the Headless Chef

I’ve seen quite a few food-based videoblogs recently, so I thought I’d have a go myself. I didn’t take on a challenging dish to start with, which is probably a good thing, as my camera placement was less than perfect. I’ll try harder next time.

Take a look for yourself. The movie is enclosed, or you can click on the image below.

All comments, both culinary and videographic, always welcome.

Garden snaps

I’m catching up with editing some of the material I have recorded for videoblogging, so here’s a short photo montage sequence. The photos were taken by my daughter Katherine, currently aged 5 years old, with a small, cheap digital camera in our back garden. I have wrapped a video round the photo sequence, but other than that they have not been edited at all. I love the way that Katherine sought out interesting, complex images in what I naively thought was quite a bland setting.

The video is included as an enclosure, or you can view it direct by clicking the image below