Stockstock Film Festival

Fancy putting together a short movie for a film festival but don’t want to go out and shoot any footage? Then “stockstock” may be for you. The idea is that you register for the festival and recieve a tape of mixed and various public archive footage. Then you edit it together in any way you like and adding titles, audio etc. The only restrictions are that you can not use any other footage, and that you can only enter up to 3 minutes of final production.

It sounds like a great idea and the $20 entrance fee seems reasonable. My only disappointment is that they only seem able to supply the footage as an NTSC miniDV tape. Those of us who use other systems such as PAL or SECAM, or who don’t have access to a miniDV player might find themselves stuck.

I wonder if anyone would be willing to offer a service redistributing the material on some other media.

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