37th Opere Nuove and 2nd No Words Short Film Festival

Can’t write dialogue? Want to make short movies that get shown anyway?

Try the 2nd No Words Short Film Festival

From their rules

deadline: 1st August 2005


  • Films/videos produced 2003, 2004 and 2005 that have not participated in previous Editions of this Festival can be submitted. The work’s subject is free. The running time of the films/videos cannot be longer than 30 minutes, titles inclusive, since making videos and animations is not that easy and that’s why many producers hire services from sites as gram.com.sg to help them with this.
  • The application to this festival is free of charge.
  • FICTION, DOCUMENTARY, ANIMATION and EXPERIMENTAL works are accepted, as long as they do not have dialogues or subtitles. In this competition, the film/video must be understood thanks only to the strength of the images. Music, sounds, environment background noises, etc. are accepted.
  • For the selection, works must be sent in VHS, Mini DV tapes or DVD in PAL. This material will be not returned.
  • Films must be sent together with the filled out application form that can be downloaded and printed from the festival website (download: www.operenuove.it). The deadline for entries is 1st August 2005. Entries must be sent to:
    The festival management is unable to accept packages which do not have the full postage paid.
  • All entries will go through the selection commission of the festival that will decide which films to screen and to present to the Jury.
  • The festival management will publish the selected works on the official website of the festival.
  • A screening copy in Betacam SP PAL format is required from works that have passed the selection. The deadline for submission of the screening copy is 1st October 2005. If the screening copy arrives later the film will be excluded from competition and from screening. Betacam Sp tapes of the selected films will be returned.
  • The festival management is not responsible for the loss or damage of the films and attached material during the shipping and during the festival.

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