Hotdogs in a can

Back in June there was a brief puzzled exchange on the yahoo “videoblogging” mailing list about the idea of buying hotdogs in cans. At the time I had a couple of cans in the kitchen cupboard, and I vowed to make a videoblog about it. On the 21st June I recorded myself “cooking” some of these hotdogs, but it has taken me a month to get around to editing and uploading a watchable video.

I know everyone else has long forgotten about this, but it is one of the encouraging things about “the long tail” that even a video like this might eventually be of interest to someone, if it’s available for long enough.

3 thoughts on “Hotdogs in a can

  1. Phew. I was picturing a can full of the stuff inside of hotdogs. Something that looked like dog food or something.

    It’s still strange to see this too though.

  2. I’m wondering what you did with all those extra hot dogs you cooked … I could have used those … interetingly enough, my wife tells me that we do have hot dogs in a can in Rolla, Missouri at the health food store … go figure …

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