Thoughts while driving

Another staple videoblogging technique that I’ve not really tried yet. The “ruminate to camera while driving”.

I had my little camera with me while I was heading to ASDA for some grocery shopping, so I thought I’d record a few thoughts about videoblogging.

Sorry about the background noise, I was driving my little Seat Arosa at about 70mph, so there’s quite a lot of tyre noise and rumble transmitted through the steering wheel to the camera clutched against it. In an ideal world, I guess I’d get some sort of “hands free” mounting. I hope the speaking is still understandable, though.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts while driving

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  2. Just the fact that you have a seatbelt on and are driving will be great footage for the future generations who are unsure about the facts of the past. Watching regular footage on TV is not the same thing as the fingernail maintenance and hairdressing of the ordinary.

  3. This is pretty much the way I feel – historians get a lot of their info from stuff ordinary people leave behind. Also, this is why I don’t exactly fit with the discussions about improving our content, or making it more professional, since I am absorbed by video blogs precisely because they show ordinary life. … anyway, nice video …

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