New Mudguards

I’ve seen a few other videoblogs featurng bike rides (a recent one from Chris springs to mind), so I thought I’d have a go.

This videoblog is a bit longer than my usual, and thus a bit larger at around 12MB, but I think it’s worth it. See what it’s like to cycle around where I live. I show a journey of a little under a mile from near where I live to the nearest cycle shop. (You gotta love google maps!)

I had some practical problems. I recorded the ride by simply holding my little Nisis camera in my left hand while also gripping the handlebar. It jiggles quite a lot, and there is a lot of wind and road noise through the built-in mic (which I turned down a bit in the edit). You can still clearly hear the old bent mudguards scraping against the tyres, though.

How have other people managed effective (and safe) recordings while cycling?

1 thought on “New Mudguards

  1. Frank, thanks for the link. For the windnoise for me, my camera has a feature in the settings to try and minimize it and that seemed to help.

    I have a light like yours which I used @ first and strap the camera to using some bungee cords. I was talking with a friend afterwards about doing something with the tripod mount at the bottom to try and fix up something a bit more secure. We’ll see about that if I’m going to do it again. Oh, and we joked a helmet-cam as well – but I feel selfconscious enough as it is using my camera in public.

    A map of the journey! I knew I forgot something on mine.

    Oh, and did you realize you were riding on the wrong side of the road 😛

    What are those zig-zag lines painted on the road for?

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