2 thoughts on “Wrigley Video Productions – Adobe Premiere Tutorials

  1. Hi there.

    I found your vlog via http://vlogdir.com/ .
    Im a real person and im getting nothing from this but lynda.com has a LOT of usefull tutorials, And they are all in .mov format. So you see what is being taught.


    The one problem is they switch from mac to pc. Being a pc user myself, some of the videos … actually ONE of the flash tutorials was to hard to follow because of the difference. Besides that its worth it.

    And i like what you said about having time to think about what you create – on your latest post.


  2. Thanks for the comment. I’m always on the lookout for good video tutorials and learning materials. I’ll check these out.

    Just as an aside, I checked out your blog, but most of your videos donlt seem to appear in your feed. The only one that is there is the “burning man” one (which is a QT .mov file). It looks like feedburner is not recognizing your wmv files as enclosures.

    The usual reason for this is that the server they are stored on is handing out the wrong “mime type” for wmv files – it’s a common problem, unfortunately.

    You might try adding a rel=’enclosure’ attribute to your video links, or (if you can) editing your .htaccess file to give the correct mime type for wmv files.

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