Drive Crash Thoughts

After shopping for the weekly groceries at Sainsbury’s supermarket a couple of miles from my house, I had another look around the car for my small flash camera which I had lost since our recent trip to Jersey. Eventually I found it at the bottom of a plastic carrier bag under the passenger seat.

So I took the opportunity to record some thoughts on my recent computer tribulations.

2 thoughts on “Drive Crash Thoughts

  1. Ouch!! Few things in the computer world suck more than a hard drive crash! I had a computer lock up on me a couple of years ago and I lost a years worth of digital photos. I had been backing them up on CD’s but one of the CD’s became corrupted and I lost that set of photos. Now I triple back up my photos and videos, one on my computer’s main hard drive, another on an external hard drive and third on DVD.

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