Stockstock – an introduction to videoblogging

As some of you may know, I recently paid my $20 to enter the StockStock film festival. The idea is that they select and send out about 40 minutes of strange, effectively random, stock footage from the internet archive, and all entrants have to make a movie of three minutes or less using just this footage.

Yesterday, I finally finished and posted my entry. At the end it was a real race to get it done in time to send.

Things were made especially tricky by

  • my distance from Seattle, where the “festival” is organized from
  • the requirement that I work in NTSC, when all the TVs and cameras here use PAL
  • we went away on holiday for 10 days during the small interval between retrieving the tape and the submission deadline

Rather than produce some wierd “art” piece , I thought I’d have a go at making an “introduction to videoblogging”.

Mostly I’m happy with the result, although my voiceover is apalling. I recorded it all very carefully in a quiet place away from noisy computers, but when I got back to my edit station I realised that the audio levels were way too low. So I had to boost the level and remove what noise I could. The result is just about understandable, but sounds awful. I just had no time to re-record it though.

I used a wide variety of software to produce this piece. I digitised the initial footage using Pinnacle Studio 8, did most of the rough cut assembly in ArcSoft ShowBiz 2, Created Titles in Ulead PhotoImpact 8, Processed audio in Audacity, added titles and extra sound using Serif VideoPlus 4. For this weblog, I also converted the resulting DV- AVI to WMV using Windows Media Encoder 9.

The end result was full-screen NTSC, but the enclosure has been compressed and reduced in size to save bandwidth. If anyone actually _wants_ a full-screen version, I can pop it on a CD.

Take a look, and see what you think.

All comments welcome.

16 thoughts on “Stockstock – an introduction to videoblogging

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  2. A perfect overview of the medium, Frank. Am certain it will get some play at Meet the Vloggers events. Well done!

  3. Very entertaining and funny! The best bits were lip syncing the vlogger voices to the stock footage. priceless. thank you for sharing this!

  4. That’s brilliant. I think the audio adds to the footage in such a way that this clip has been escavated. It seems as though videoblogging has been around for over 20 years.

    Enjoyable and excellently visually articulated.

  5. that was great!! very cute. very funny. really well done. people should use this at their videoblogger presentations.

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  7. What clever matching of image and words. You’ve created a great ad for vlogging using voiceover to give old stock footage contemporary relevance.

    I can’t imagine your not winning but then again I’m prejudiced. Everyone will surely be startled to see how cleverly you used “old material” for a “new idea”.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. this was really well done, and I think the constraints made it better … (of course the crusty academics part was the highlight 🙂 … signed … crusty academic

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