Vlog Europe 8: A Poem

I think this will be the last of my Vlog Europe posts for a while. I still have plenty of footage from Saturday and Sunday, but I reckon it’s time to flavour the mix with other topics. If I have any viewers left who were not at Vlog Europe, I bet you are getting sick of it by now.

To end this litle series, here’s a short poem I composed in an attempt to open up some of my feelings about meeting some of my “idols” at the conference. I’ve mixed the words with a selection of video and stills taken at the event and a splash of ccmixter music.

Special thanks to Jan for rekindling my poetic flame. It’s been a long time since I last wrote any poetry. If anyone is at all interested in some of my other poetic efforts, I do recall that I posted some on one of my other blogs here and here.

Anyway, on with the video, dammit.

Vlog Europe 7: Friday Night and Saturday Morning

On Friday Night several of the “hard core” videobloggers met up at Cafe Doffer for drinks and chat. We were supposed to have the back room to ourselves, but it was already full of diners and drinkers, as well as being noisy, gloomy and smoky. Not the best place for video. 🙁

So you’ll have to make do with some shots I took as I walked through the “Jordaan Festival” on my way from my hotel to the Doffer, and some muddle-headed morning ramblings.

The Mary Rose

At the end of August this year, we went for a day out to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. It’s a fascinating place, with old ships and museums to explore, modern warfare simulators to play with, and even a boat trip round the harbour. We had been almost a year ago, and bought an “all in” ticket which lasts for a year. So we thought we’d better go back and make the most of it.

This visit we concentrated on two ships and some museums. The ships were the Mary Rose (1511-1545) and HMS Warrior (1870). As far as I know, the Mary Rose is the oldest ship available to visit in the world, so here’s a little video.

It’s much more impressive “in the flesh”, honestly. I’m surprised I got much video at all. That’s “night shot” mode for you.