Vlogwalk: From home to Suffolk College

I wanted to show a bit more about my life so, as a kind of experiment, I recorded a typical morning’s walk from home to Suffolk College where I teach most days. The journey takes 12-15 minutes to walk, which I felt was a bit long for a videoblog, so I have speeded it up four times. I don’t know if this will be much use, thought I’d really appreciate any comments on how effective (or not) this is.

I’d also like to know if it makes any one feel seasick 🙂

A rought attempt at a map of the journey can be found on google maps. I can’t seem to make it start and stop at quite the right places, though.

6 thoughts on “Vlogwalk: From home to Suffolk College

  1. It made me feel dizzy and seasick so quickly I had to stop watching after 40 seconds.

    This is not meant as a criticism. It was worthwhile trying it. Perhaps, it would have been different if you had been using a steadycam.

    Thanks for trying this. It saves those of us who watch from repeating the experiment.

  2. I like the idea of recording your walk, and I always liked film of speeded up versions of journeys, but the clip is too jerky at 4x speed. Were you holding the cam all the way, or was it attached to your bag or something? Just wondering if it’s practical to do a speeded up walk video, or is it impossible to hold the camera steady enough while on foot (while walking reasonably normally!)

    PS… I’ve just ordered a Nisis DV H10..i found your site while searching for reviews of it. Did you use this camera for this clip?

  3. Yes I did use the DVH10 for this one. I have recorded a few other walks with it too, but I’m not sure how best to present them.

    The jerkiness comes from my natural bounce while walking, I think. Like most small cameras the DVH10 does not have an image stabiliser, so to get a smoother video I’d either need some sort of external “steadicam” or to roll it somehow.

    I used the same camera for my cycling video and that came out much better.

  4. It’s just too bouncy & I was going to give up watching, but I’m glad I persisited. Once you entered the college, I found your hitherto unadvertised tap dancing skills a refreshing & welcome change from the “heave” inducing jerkiness of the rest of the video. Perhaps you should “slow-tap” around the whole college, then speed it up, as the sound track would beat the F1 racing soundtrack of the start of this vid hands down… I know, I know… Get a life….

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