Thoughs about the coming “vlogeurope” meetup

I’m sure that once I have attended the coming Vlog Europe! meetup and conference my opinions and understanding will be very different from my current state of knowing very little. So I thought I’d have a stab at recording my thoughts before the event. Maybe I’ll record them after, too.

1 thought on “Thoughs about the coming “vlogeurope” meetup

  1. I can very much relate to your reflections on returnbing to Amsterdam since I last visited there in 1971.

    However, I would expect to find Amsterdam very much unchanged in a very central way. It impressed me as “the crossroads” of Europe. Most Dutch spoke English and the city was filled with people who had visited all the other countries in Europe.

    The most interesting thing about vlogging in Europe is how, where and why it is catching on the most. There have been times in recent years when someone in England told me they had to say goodbye because Internet time there was very expensive.

    I would guess that the Dutch will be disproportionately represented among the vloggers. I wonder if their will be a high correlation between the percentage of a country’s population with high speed access to the Internet and the number of vloggers there.

    I also wonder if English will be the dominant international language in vlogging as it is in business?

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