Problem post from “The LandFill”

I was really interested to find another videoblogger in the Ipswich area (via good old, and I’ve now subscribed to his feed. All was going well until the latest item refused to download. Neither iPodder nor direct clicking “save” from the web page produced results.

Here’s a little screencast to show what I get (AVI/3ivx 0:08 88K)

3 thoughts on “Problem post from “The LandFill”

  1. Frank–

    Sorry that this isn’t coming from Ipswich . . .

    Thanks for your interest in our little town in the States! Nate used to live in Chicago, so most of the small town quirks in South Range have been a lot of fun for him to get used to.

    Some answers to your comments/questions: We don’t have letterboxes (mailboxes) on our houses. We do have house numbers, fortunately. In towns of our size, we can usually drop off notes under people’s doors. Actually, it’s one of those rare places left in the USA where we can leave our doors unlocked and neighbors will let themselves in to drop off packages nd such.

    Yes, very few people have fences–but people seem to be quite neighborly and we tend to understand property lines by word of mouth. If we really wanted to, we could have our plot surveyed, but there’s no reason to. Keep watching our posts–when winter hits (sometime in Dec.-Jan.), you’ll see the most likely reason that we don’t have fences–we tend to get 6 to 9 feet of snow piled in our yards.

  2. šŸ˜€

    that guys my lovely lovely brother šŸ™‚

    sorry… that had nothing do to with anything.

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