Adobe releases Premiere Elements 2.0 and it can do ASF

One of my biggest gripes about video editing is the awful file format support from major editing software manufacturers. It seems astonishing to me that top names like Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid/Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Sony Vegas, Ulead Media Studio Pro and so on are so snobby about video formats. How they can advertise themselves as a “step up” from low cost software is simply baffling. For example, none of the above names will read the ASF mpeg4 video files produced my my video camera. I have to stick with supposedly “inferior” products like ArcSoft ShowBiz, Ulead VideoStudio and Serif VideoPlus 4.

Surely supporting extra input formats is easy compared with all the effort they put into UI and internal processing features?

There’s a hint that things may be changing, though. Adobe has just released version 2.0 of “Premiere Elements”, the “baby brother” of their main offering “Premiere Pro”. Apparently this new version of Premiere Elements supports a much wider reange of file formats.

I say apparently because, although they have a “tryout” version available for download, the “tryout” is still version 1.0. I’ll report back when the new version is actually available to try.

Interesting that they have jumped straight to version 2.0, when the heavy hitter “pro” version is still at 1.5. I would not be surprised if we see a new release of “Pro” in a few months, once any bugs have been dealt with in “elements”.

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