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I don’t know whether this is a limited time offer, or just an attempt to keep the product “fresh”, but I just noticed that Ulead are now offering two great VideoStudio 9 plugins for free. Both used to cost extra, so I never bought them. Now I can read/write MPEG4 and HD video.

The most important thing about this for me is that it now allows me to simply transcode any of my videos into a PSP (and, I hope iPod) compatible mp4 format.

Unfortunately, it’s not all rosy. The new MPEG4 possibilities don’t make it into the options for Quicktime export, so I still can’t use it to make a Quicktime file with MP4a / AAC audio. And no sign of an improved Quicktime export option offering H.264 and iPod options. Even with the latest Quicktime 7 installed.

Apple’s pages claim that the iPod will only play video with AAC audio, but there are a whole lot of Quicktime movies out there that use the likes of IMA or QD audio codecs. Has anyone tried these to see if they work anyway?

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