My go at Chris Nolan’s Assignment #1

Chris Nolan has signed up on a “Digital Cinematography” course over in Toronto, and is busy putting his course exercises on his vlog. He even called for others to join in and do the exercises along with him and get them shown in his class. Sounds a great idea.

So, here’s my stab at his Assignment #1.

After I had put this together, I realized that I had actually broken (or at least “bent”) many of the rules of the exercise.

It was all shot within a space of an hour or so, in a local park about a half mile from where I live (and a route I sometimes use when I walk to work) but I was also shooting other stuff that trip, so I had to edit out the rest of the material and leave the “stills”. I also trimmed excess material off several clips to bring them down to 10 seconds. My old camera used to have a neat 10 second visual count-down in the viewfinder, but with this one I found myself falling back on counting elephants 🙂

I also didn’t take a tripod, monopod or bean bag, so some of the shots are somewhat wobbly.

Never mind, I’m sure I’ll be more on-track with assignment #2. Sigh.

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