A regular-sized USB “thumb drive” with still & video camera

I just spotted this. The VTEC V-Flash Camera is a regular-sized 128MB USB drive that also includes a still camera, video camera and voice recorder. They are coy about the resolution of the images, but claim it can record 30fps video.

The device spec from the manufacturer can be found at: V Tec – V-Flash Camera, and the best price I have seen is Scan’s “today only” price of £14.95.

As an “always with you” videoblogging capture tool for a next-to-nothing price, this seems hard to beat.

2 thoughts on “A regular-sized USB “thumb drive” with still & video camera

  1. I think it’s 41 pounds, isn’t it? Well, whichever, it’s still pretty cheap. I’m interested to see the video quality though, probably not much better than most mobiles…

  2. Hmm. Looks like WordPress screwed up the URL I put in pointing to Scan’s “today only” page. I’ve fixed it now.

    It really is £14.95 + VAT. Snap one up today . Or at least before about 11am GMT tomorrow when they change the page 🙂

    In the meanwhile, here’s a screenshot to prove it:

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