Disappointed with StockStock

A few months ago I entered the StockStock film festival. It sounds a good idea – they choose a bunch of video from the Internet Archive and anyone who stumps up $20 gets a copy of their chosen material on tape. The entrant then gets a few weeks to edit it in to something interesting before posting back a completed entry.

So why am I disappointed? Because it seems that despite their novel use of archive footage they seem locked in a weird time warp when it comes to communication and sharing.

  • They provide email addresses, yet have never once replied to any of my emailed questions.
  • They don’t even acknowledge receipt of submissions, let alone provide feedback to entrants.
  • They listed the names of the entrants whose work was selected for screening, but nothing at all about the videos.
  • They have not provided any way of contacting other entrants.
  • They have not even mentioned how many entrants they had.
  • Worst of all, they have not provided any way for interested viewers to see or discuss the entries other than attending a one-off screening in Seattle last September.

This is crazy. I understand that my entry was probably not good enough to make the screening, but how can I get any better with neither feedback nor the ability to see the work of other entrants?

By diligent web searching, I have managed to find a very small number of other entrants who have made their entries from this year’s competition available on-line:

While searching, I also found a few entries from last year, too, but still no official page, or links.

A few others have mentioned their entries, but not (yet) made them available:

If any readers know of any others, please let me know and I’ll add to this list.

And to the stockstock folks, if you read this:

You have a fantastic opportunity to connect a thriving community of movie editors, please don’t waste it by being a black hole and thinking that one screening (to what, a few hundred people?) is the end of the road. Share the love.

7 thoughts on “Disappointed with StockStock

  1. I was picked, and decided to attend the screening in Seattle. I was expecting it to be bigger and more important than it turned out to be. They only had 75 entries, of which 25 made the cut. Lots of them were political, and/or music videos. Very few of them actually told a semi-decent story. So I was somewhat disappointed too. After all, the whole thing is run by 2 guys (who were very nice) that had a novel idea for a film competition. It is what it is, I guess. I would enter again, I had fun making my film. –Max

  2. I went to StockStock with my son Max. My thoughts about it echo his pretty much. But I wanted to add that I watched your film and it could easily have been chosen as a finalist. I think the judges choices were fairly arbitrary, based on what I do not know. Hope this helped. Merry Christmas from Karla in California

  3. Thanks for your replies, Max and Mom.

    Knowing that there were only 75 entries makes it somehow both easier and harder to take.

    I had been guessing that the general lack of communication was because of the large number of entrants. But an email or two to 75 people doesn’t sound too much to ask.

    On the other hand, the small number of entrants make me even more keen to have a go next time!

  4. Hi Frank,
    I’m one of the entries you mention above, and I share your frustration! I wish all the filmmakers who entered would post their films. The biggest opportunity StockStock is missing is that as artists and hobbyists we are a virtual community that would benefit from a connection. In their defense, I strongly suspect that StockStock is one of those no-staff no-budget volunteer organizations that are just glad to survive their event. I suppose the rest is up to us and our enthusiasm. – Alan

  5. I would certainly have given it an award … very nice … hopefully the people from stockstock will get the message … nice video!

  6. Rescued from an over-eager spam-catcher 🙁

    Bob S. wrote:

    I haven’t subscribed yet myself, but their Contacts page does mention a mailing list. I’ll subscribe when the ’06 schedule is announced.

    They were pretty good about replying to my emails, but I generally had only procedural questions. I do think it would be a great idea if, say a week or two after the festival itself (not a problem for ’05), participants who wanted wider exposure uploaded their work to Google Video, tagged stockstock, so that other entrants and a wider audience could enjoy them. Free hosting and bandwidth — what more do we need? +=

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