Neuros MPEG4 recorder

I have been looking around for months trying to work out how best to get some of my hundreds of hours of analog video into a usable form for digital editing and posting on my video blog. I’ve seen hardware digitisers which require specific software (I used one that only worked with Pinnacle Studio, for example, but the hardware suddenly stopped working and I have no desire to get another one of those.) I’ve seen general purpose analog to firewire adapters, but those can be expensive and require the player to be connected through the box to a firewire PC and typically record big DV files. I’ve read about several low-cost USB video digitisers, but many of them don’t digitse the sound, and quality seems very variable.

So, I was particularly interested to read about the Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2 which seems to win on all fronts. Essentially it’s a tiny portable solid-state VCR which records analog video and audio at a variety of resolutions to Memory Stick or Compact Flash media. I’m seriously tempted to get one and give it a try.

Read more at: Neuros Technology International, LLC.

Update: I’ve just read on the Neuros Blog that this device has recently been mentioned in the “Computer America” radio show/podcast. See here for more information.

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