Trafalgar Day 2005 at the Lord Nelson pub.

Back in October 2005 I took my little digital video camera to the Trafalgar Day 200th Anniversary celebrations at the “Lord Nelson” pub about a fifteen minute walk from my house. Over two years later, and thanks to semanal, I finally got around to editing it.

You can read more about the pub here, here, or here.

Semanal week 4: Tuesday Lunchtime Football

Every Tuesday lunchtime, a group of my colleagues get together to play five-a-side against a neighbouring company.

Update The week after I filmed this, somebody came and examined the pitch and decided it was somehow unsafe:

Don’t tell anyone, but you can still climb over the fence to get in and play 🙂

NaVloPoMo screening, Hove, Saturday 12 January 2008

Following last November’s successful NaVloPoMo “post a video every day for a month”, some keen Videoblogging folks have organised a screening and a bit of a social get-together at “The Werks” in Hove (near Brighton) at 2:30 on Saturday 12 January 2008.

I plan to be there, and there are plenty of other interesting videobloggers on the list. Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson will be there, as well as more local names. Sounds like a whole lot of fun.

For more details see the NaVloPoMO wiki