Semanal Week 17: Hazel

Earlier this month, out hamster Maizie died suddenly. Everyone in the family was upset, and it seemed a good idea to get another hamster. This video is a collection of clips of the new hamster “Hazel” taken on her first day with us, set to music.

Semanal Week 16: Karaoke

A different sort of video this week. I did not shoot or edit this one, but I did perform in it!

On Wednesday the company I work for had a team day in Felixstowe. After the all the staff training, discussions and stuff, they organized a karaoke party. This clip is a bit of my daughter Elizabeth and me singing “Barbie Girl” shot by a colleague with a camera phone (MP4 0:45 15MB).

Semanal Week 15: Snakes

This is another edit of a video shot in the summer of 2006. This one I started editing back in January this year, but got distracted and have just finished it off for posting this week.

The main problem with this one is the sound level. It was very noisy in the small animal house at Dinosaur Adventure Park.

Semanal Week 14: Lumiere

I have not done a lumiere yet, and in the spirit of continuing experimentation which I enjoy so much about the semanal project, this video seemed an ideal candidate to try the form.

I shot the footage while on the same beach walk as my week 13 entry. Following the lumiere rules, I have not applied any effects. The distinctive, lush, look of this video is mainly due to the beautiful sky-lighting of an oncoming rainstorm shot on a digital camera at maximum zoom.

The shapes in the distance are the rides of the Fantasy Island theme park. Most of the rides seem not to be operating on this damp and chilly Thursday in March, but one small ride bravely struggles on.

Semanal Week 13: Sand and Wind

Last week we went on holiday to the “bracing” Lincolnshire coast. The weather was mixed, although sand and wind seemed to be constant phenomena. This video was shot during a walk along the seafront one day.

Music is from Breaking the Action by Psychedelic Sun, (cc) by-sa.