Semanal Week 19: Bike Cleaning

By , 1 November 2008 8:17 am

When I joined the Semanal project back in January, I really hoped I would not have to do this, but life got on top of me and I missed posting for a sizeable chunk of weeks. It’s not that I stopped planning and recording video, I just couldn’t find the time or energy to edit and post completed pieces.

So now I am going back and knocking some of the stuff I captured into shape, and retroactively adding it to Semanal. I hope nobody minds 🙂

As an extra bit of fun, this month is also NaVloPoMo (a.k.a VloMo), so I am going to see if I can post something every day for the whole of November. So far I have never actually completed any of these challenges. I tried Videologging Week, I tried Semanal, but there’s always a chance I’ll make it this time!

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