Semanal Week 19: Bike Cleaning

When I joined the Semanal project back in January, I really hoped I would not have to do this, but life got on top of me and I missed posting for a sizeable chunk of weeks. It’s not that I stopped planning and recording video, I just couldn’t find the time or energy to edit and post completed pieces.

So now I am going back and knocking some of the stuff I captured into shape, and retroactively adding it to Semanal. I hope nobody minds 🙂

As an extra bit of fun, this month is also NaVloPoMo (a.k.a VloMo), so I am going to see if I can post something every day for the whole of November. So far I have never actually completed any of these challenges. I tried Videologging Week, I tried Semanal, but there’s always a chance I’ll make it this time!

4 thoughts on “Semanal Week 19: Bike Cleaning

    (I managed one week of Semanal, and I was the one telling everybody to do it)
    It’s tough. Though I have a feeling that VloMo will be easier to sustain than VBWeek or Semanal. Because it’s weekly, Semanal seems to demand a higher level of effort. VBWeek is not long enough. VloMo is long enough to make everybody feel OK about posting a simple short clip. (See Zadi’s first video, for instance). And it’s long enough for a real sense of community and support to grow up around it, with everybody watching and commenting and encouraging each other.
    The key is not to be ambitious, or feel that you have to up the ante.

    Anyway, about the video… I have a beautiful bike – a red Schwinn cruiser – and I don’t look after it properly. This was a nice guilt-tripping reminder that I should give it some love. It’s under cover, but the winters here are so wet that it’ll rust anyway. So thanks…

  2. yeah you can do it! I did it last year. only got to about week 7 on semanal. had a couple of friends pass away and didn’t feel like making anything after that for a while. I did maybe 1 per month but forgot to post to the semanal site, & shot short clips now & then & uploaded to flickr. vlomo is good cos it’s end of year and once you’ve finished then it’s almost time for holiday season.

    I like your video as it’s educational – good for any time of the year! I’d love to get a bike again one day. just have to stay in one place long enough first

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments, guys.

    As for the bike tips, they are down to my friend Sam. He is a great source of knowledge on all things bike. I have been trying to get him to post some of his own video tips for months, but he’s not yet made it over the hump of imagining perfection.

    Maybe your nice words here will help!

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