Semanal 46; VloMo 10: Three Years On

My accidental discovery of the three-year-old video clip that I posted a few days ago led me to thinking about how things have changed over that time. The video blogging community has changed, as have my own expectations and interests.

Links to people and things I mention in the video:

And if anyone has a complete set of The 05 Project, please let me know (or even better, seed it as a torrent, and then let lots of people know!)

2 thoughts on “Semanal 46; VloMo 10: Three Years On

  1. I asked Ian about his 05 project recently. He said most of the videos were on his hard drive, which was erased when his computer died. he also said he was hosting the videos on a server he stopped paying for.

    I dont think he realized how cool his project was. Now it may just be lore.

    The Way Back machine may be our only hope:

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