Semanal Week 34: Fragments of a wedding day

Margaret and I got married in August 1995. Our recent trip to Canada was a kind of second honeymoon, and brought back memories of what it had been like thirteen years before. For this video I delved right back to the first tape I recorded with my first camcorder, a Canon UC8Hi which I bought specially.

As you can imagine, I was kind of busy on the day of the wedding, so I just handed the camcorder around to guests and friends and asked them to film anything they liked. Here are a few little clips to give a flavour of the day. Apparently I never stopped grinning the whole day!

1 thought on “Semanal Week 34: Fragments of a wedding day

  1. Hi Frank,

    This is your best video by far, and it’s great to see how you and Margaret looked almost 14 years ago.

    The Post Office one is fun, and the Canadian holiday ones are good too: but the Lumiere business is best left for Modern Art aficiandos. I once saw an exhibit in the Glasgow Meseum of Modern Art that consisted of a video of people’s faces as they were driven through the Clyde Tunnel: nice work if you can get it.

    See ya,

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