Semanal Week 35: Mountain Driving

After leaving Vancouver we picked up our RV (camper van) and headed north into the mountains. At home we barely even have hills, so this was an exciting (if rattle-clattery) adventure all of its own. By the time we returned the RV I had driven around 1500 km of these kinds of roads.

2 thoughts on “Semanal Week 35: Mountain Driving

  1. 1500 km of mountain roads with logging trucks zipping by and the noise of the rattling camper van…you must have nerves of steel.

  2. The worst bit was definitely the first day. We picked up the van and headed straight up the Sea-To-Sky highway to Whistler. This is a pretty scary road at the best of times, but when we went through it seemed somehow scarier.

    Not only was I driving a large, noisy and unfamiliar vehicle (on the wrong side of the road 🙂 ), but the highway was undergoing major construction work at several points to prepare it for the 2010 winter Olympics and was often restricted to narrow or single lanes. Add to this everyone I spoke to reminding us of a recent landslide which caused a lot of damage and blocked the road.

    I was never so glad to stop at a camp site and have a beer as that evening!

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