VloMo Day 30: Vlomo ’08

At the start of VloMo ’08 I honestly did not think I would make it. Now I am really “chuffed” to have got to the end having posted a new video every day for a whole month.

I have definitely learned a lot – my editing is much faster and smoother and I even got to try a few new techniques during the month. If you participated in VloMo ’08, I hope it has been a similarly uplifting experience for you. Now to catch up on watching the ones I have not seen yet …

[update: enclosure was pointing at the wrong file, so this video did not initially appear properly in the feed. Fixed now, sorry 🙁 ]

3 thoughts on “VloMo Day 30: Vlomo ’08

  1. Congratulations on thirty videos in thirty days. No small feat. It has been a pleasure watching your videos over the past month and I look forward to more fine videos in the months and years to come.

  2. Thank _you_. I have always been cheered on by your comments – sometimes it’s hard to imagine that anyone is watching at all!

  3. A very nice recap if I do say so….yea, these months, weeks, etc are great at honing your editing skills and even your “capture” moments, as time is always an issue, you just learn what to film and what not to film…

    Congrats on the whole 30 days!

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