Semanal week 49: East Anglian Film Archive

By , 12 December 2008 8:49 pm

On Wednesday evening I joined a group from the IET and took a special tour of the East Anglian Film Archive. This is a fascinating place, filled with hundreds of thousands of films and tapes covering over 100 years of moving image recording. Here’s a short taster of the visit.

I left inspired by their enthusiastic dedication, despite continuing paucity of funding, and the possibilities for collection of today’s video alongside the images of long ago.

Special thanks to Louise Lawrence and Pete White for taking us round and explaining everything so helpfully.

4 Responses to “Semanal week 49: East Anglian Film Archive”

  1. PaulD says:

    That was fascinating. I love old film and would be thrilled to take such a tour. I am in the process of restoring old home movies that my father made on 16mm film in the fifties and early sixties and could use the input of knowledge that a film archive would have. I must search out a similar archive here in Toronto.

  2. Pazzer1 says:

    Great coverage of our visit Frank. How come I can’t rip it with Replay Media Catcher?

  3. Frank says:

    You shouldn’t need to, it’s a completely unprotected media file. Just right-click and “save link as” (or the equivalent for your browser).

    If it’s still a problem, send me an email and I’ll help you through.

  4. Pazzer1 says:

    Many thanks. I’m getting senile in my old age and always seem to try the hardest route first these days. You and Pete White seem to be wizzes. I might try him for converting some of those treasured lengths of 16mm to AVI. Thanks again for enriching the Web with worthwhile stuff. -G.

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