One page guide to iMovie 09

A few months ago I finally gave in and bought myself a Macbook. There are many things I like about it, and also a bunch of irritations and disappointments.

One of the disappointments was the video editing facilities. I know a lot of happy Mac-using video editors, and so had assumed that the Mac ecosystem would contain a wide range of video editing choices, just as the Windows world does. Unfortunately not. For video editing on a Mac you actually have very few options. Each new Mac comes with a very basic editor in the form of iMovie, effectively the equivalent of Windows Movie Maker. Anything more than that costs big money either for Apple’s “own” Final Cut, or the crazy world of Avid. There are a very small number of open source video tools but none of them is really a general purpose video editor.

On my Windows PC I have a handful of different video editing systems ranging in price from the nearly-free (less than £5), through a few at £40/£50 to the top end of my budget (around £100 for the likes of Sony Vegas or Adobe’s introductory version of Premiere). My favourite at the moment is Serif MoviePlus although from time to time I take another try at using the generally highly-regarded Vegas.

My initial attempt at using iMovie on my new Mac left me pretty much baffled. It seems to have no time-line and common tasks such as splitting and trimming clips, inserting cutaways and boosting/cutting spot sounds make me scratch my head. I know I need to spend more time with the tool to get used to it, but Apple’s video tutorials and on-line help don’t seem to answer my questions and frustration gets the better of me.

I have recently found Ken Stone’s obe-page iMovie 09. I hope this is more help…