Vlomo 2010 Day 9 – Natterer

By , 9 November 2010 11:50 pm

Today is a big day for my videoblog. I finally got a HD camera, and decided to try putting something on youtube, so things might be a little different. Enlivened by recent conversation on the videoblogging mailing list, I also had a go at talking to the camera. It was even more scary the first time I saw my rough face in HD!

A lot of this process is new for this video: new camera, new video formats, new workflow, new media host, new embed code, etc. I’m sure I have made a bunch of mistakes. I notice that I will probably have to change my blog theme to cope with bigger videos, but other than that I’d really appreciate any comments and suggestions on what I might have done wrong, or what can be improved.

The Music is “Flight” by Niyam Bhushan, available on Jamendo.com under a (cc) by-sa licence.

3 Responses to “Vlomo 2010 Day 9 – Natterer”

  1. kate says:

    That was cool!

  2. I thought it might have been the foundations of an old building, however would have been quite a big building.

  3. Marguerita says:

    Very nice! I thought you might be walking over a reclaimed field – some thing that used to be used for garbage or other waste. The Google Maps view was just brilliant 🙂

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