Vlomo 2010 Day 10 – Natterer (re-edit)

This might be considered cheating, but today’s vlomo is a re-edit of yesterday’s choppy and clumsy version. Same footage but new editing software and settings. If you watched the previous version, please take a look at this one and see if it is any better.

It seems the problem was partly due to editing/exporting with 25 frames/sec (when the original footage was 29.whatever frames/sec) and partly due to the failure of Serif MediaPlus to export MP4 (forcing me to use H.264 in AVI), To solve this I have abandoned the software I have been using for the last four years or so and tried Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. I have not used Premiere since sometime last century, and things have changed a lot. Certainly a steep learning curve, but I think I got there just in time 🙂

The Music is “Flight” by Niyam Bhushan, available on Jamendo.com under a (cc) by-sa licence.

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