Vlomo 2012 Day 04 – Fireworks

Just as I was recording my admission of failure yesterday I began to hear some loud bangs and pops. It turns out that these were from fireworks, mostly from the major firework display here in Ipswich ( http://www.ipswichfireworks.co.uk/ ) which takes place about two miles away. I grabbed my camera and walked down the road a little so I could get a better view.

It’s traditional to celebrate the 5th of November with fireworks and bonfires, organized displays often take place on the nearest saturday evening.

Vlomo 2012 Day 01 – Hole

A few months ago, after a big storm, a small hole appeared in a car park near my office. Over the weeks it grew and grew. Now, despite the fencing and warning signs, local kids sometimes use it as an impromptu skate park.

My first video for vlomo 2012 nearly did not make it on time. I decided to add a bit of atmosphere after the basic edit with After Effects, but maybe I laid it on a bit thick as it took over an hour to render the first time. I went down to less than 25 minutes when I found the “use open GL” checkbox, but it’s still a lot slower than simple video cutting. I guess tomorrow I should be a bit less ambitious …

CineMoco – a time-lapse robotic camera dolly

It’s a while since I wrote about a new gadget here, but this one really caught my attention. A tiny dolly suitable for modern lightweight DSLR and video cameras, with the added extra of a precision robotic drive so you can do all sorts of moving camera video and stop-motion. The company is also interesting – they had a lot of success on kickstarter with their first idea, and are now going back to the crowd-funding site with the new product rather than taking a more traditional route through sales and funding.

Read more at TechCrunch:

CineMoco Is The Time-Lapse Robotic Camera Dolly Of Your Film Noir Dreams.