WordPress Problems

Something has gone a bit wrong with my WordPress installation. In order to keep the site running I have had to switch off all the plugin and theme stuff I had added, resulting in the change of appearance.

Feel free to leave comments as usual, but please be aware that all comments are currently being moderated until everything is back in place.

I hope to be back and running properly soon; sorry.

Back from a trip to Jersey

Just in case anyone was puzzled by the lack of posts here in the last week and a bit, I was away with the family getting a bit of sunshine in Jersey. No, not New Jersey, the original Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

Google Maps is usually pretty reliable, but check this out: you can see the island of Jersey on the satellite image, but when you switch to the map view it vanishes. zoom out one stop, it appears again, labelled and everything. Spooky, huh?

Anyway, now I’m back. With well over two hours of raw footage to wade through and edit into presentable chunks. I’ll try and get some more video up before my meagre suntan fades completely. In the meanwhile, here are a couple of photos.

Let’s get started

I’ve had this domain for a while now, with the idea of taking my long dormant Ipswich Camcorder Club web site and moving it into the twenty-first century. Things being as they are, I never quite got around to setting anything up, but the “make video” bug has been nagging at me for ages.

Recently I discovered videoblogging, and it gave me renewed interest in reviving the old enjoyment I had, so I’ve decided to take a simple, “one step at a time”, route. I’ve installed WordPress to manage the site. It’s running with the default theme right now, but I have plans for that. The main thing is to get some posts up, and to try adding some video enclosures. I hope I’ll learn as I go along.

Wish me luck!