Vlomo 2010 Day 20 – Lake

Today another chunk from the same tape which contained the elephants on day 16. While visiting friends and family in Ontario, we were invited to spend a day at a lake-front cottage on South Lake near Minden Hills. We all had a lot of watery fun.

The music for this video is a section of “Chicken” by She Makes War from the album “Disarm” and is used by permission. Laura is a very talented musician, photographer and video-maker, and I strongly recommend that you watch her videos, buy some of her stuff and see her perform.

Vlomo 2010 Day 15 – Grapes

It’s about a half-mile walk to the gym, and a few months ago I noticed what appeared to be grapes rambling over a fence between some industrial units. Over the summer and autumn I have watched them grow, hoping that whoever owned them would pick them and put them to use. Sadly, it seems that nobody cares, and they have been left on the vine to rot.

Vlomo 2010 Day 13 – A14

Another in the intermittent series of things I can see in my lunch break. The A14 is a busy major road which divides Bury St Edmunds in two. The old town centre is on one side but lots of industrial and residential areas are on the other. A few minutes walk from my current main client offices are several ways of crossing the A14. This video is a little feel for how the road looks up close.

Vlomo 2010 Day 10 – Natterer (re-edit)

This might be considered cheating, but today’s vlomo is a re-edit of yesterday’s choppy and clumsy version. Same footage but new editing software and settings. If you watched the previous version, please take a look at this one and see if it is any better.

It seems the problem was partly due to editing/exporting with 25 frames/sec (when the original footage was 29.whatever frames/sec) and partly due to the failure of Serif MediaPlus to export MP4 (forcing me to use H.264 in AVI), To solve this I have abandoned the software I have been using for the last four years or so and tried Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. I have not used Premiere since sometime last century, and things have changed a lot. Certainly a steep learning curve, but I think I got there just in time 🙂

The Music is “Flight” by Niyam Bhushan, available on Jamendo.com under a (cc) by-sa licence.

Vlomo 2010 Day 9 – Natterer

Today is a big day for my videoblog. I finally got a HD camera, and decided to try putting something on youtube, so things might be a little different. Enlivened by recent conversation on the videoblogging mailing list, I also had a go at talking to the camera. It was even more scary the first time I saw my rough face in HD!

A lot of this process is new for this video: new camera, new video formats, new workflow, new media host, new embed code, etc. I’m sure I have made a bunch of mistakes. I notice that I will probably have to change my blog theme to cope with bigger videos, but other than that I’d really appreciate any comments and suggestions on what I might have done wrong, or what can be improved.

The Music is “Flight” by Niyam Bhushan, available on Jamendo.com under a (cc) by-sa licence.