Vlomo 2010 Day 29 – Leaving

Many of the videos I have produced for this year’s Vlomo have shown interesting places I can walk to in my lunch hour. As of 30 November 2010 the client projects which occupy most of my time will move as the client company vacates this building. It’s not far, less than a couple of miles, but it does mean that many of my favourite spots will probably be beyond a casual walk.

This place had a great atmosphere, and I’ll miss it. The end of the Academia era.

Vlomo 2010 Day 26 – Market

This weekend (26,27,28 November 2010), Bury St Edmunds has a special Christmas Market, with entertainment, food, and drink, as well as stalls selling all sorts of strange things. Apparently it really gets going in the evening, but I took the chance to see what was going on on one of my lunchtime walks.

Vlomo 2010 Day 24 – Gardens

Just beyond the ducks from day 21 are the Abbey Gardens. Right in the centre of town and freely accessible to everyone, these gardens are filled with people relaxing and enjoying themselves during the summer. As the days get wetter and colder there are fewer people and more birds and squirrels.

Vlomo 2010 Day 15 – Grapes

It’s about a half-mile walk to the gym, and a few months ago I noticed what appeared to be grapes rambling over a fence between some industrial units. Over the summer and autumn I have watched them grow, hoping that whoever owned them would pick them and put them to use. Sadly, it seems that nobody cares, and they have been left on the vine to rot.

Vlomo 2010 Day 13 – A14

Another in the intermittent series of things I can see in my lunch break. The A14 is a busy major road which divides Bury St Edmunds in two. The old town centre is on one side but lots of industrial and residential areas are on the other. A few minutes walk from my current main client offices are several ways of crossing the A14. This video is a little feel for how the road looks up close.