Vlomo 2010 Day 20 – Lake

Today another chunk from the same tape which contained the elephants on day 16. While visiting friends and family in Ontario, we were invited to spend a day at a lake-front cottage on South Lake near Minden Hills. We all had a lot of watery fun.

The music for this video is a section of “Chicken” by She Makes War from the album “Disarm” and is used by permission. Laura is a very talented musician, photographer and video-maker, and I strongly recommend that you watch her videos, buy some of her stuff and see her perform.

Semanal Week 35: Mountain Driving

After leaving Vancouver we picked up our RV (camper van) and headed north into the mountains. At home we barely even have hills, so this was an exciting (if rattle-clattery) adventure all of its own. By the time we returned the RV I had driven around 1500 km of these kinds of roads.