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Vlomo 2011 Day 06 – Lights

By , 6 November 2011 10:21 pm

A 30 second montage of attempts at photographing the lights of the Ipswich docks at night.

Music from Fractal Universe by SaReGaMa

VloMo Day 30: Vlomo ’08

By , 30 November 2008 7:00 am

At the start of VloMo ’08 I honestly did not think I would make it. Now I am really “chuffed” to have got to the end having posted a new video every day for a whole month.

I have definitely learned a lot – my editing is much faster and smoother and I even got to try a few new techniques during the month. If you participated in VloMo ’08, I hope it has been a similarly uplifting experience for you. Now to catch up on watching the ones I have not seen yet …

[update: enclosure was pointing at the wrong file, so this video did not initially appear properly in the feed. Fixed now, sorry 🙁 ]

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