Semanal Week 27: Hazel the first week

A collection of a few video bits from the first week after we got Hazel the Hamster. She was only a few weeks old, but already starting to show her acrobatic talents.

Once again, live location sound provided by a nearby television. This time I recognize some sounds from Grand Designs, an advert for Norwich Union insurance, and some kind of medical or lifestyle documentary.

“New Love” – a song by Katherine

My daughter Katherine called me out to the garden to hear her sing her latest song composition, with roller-dance moves and backing vocals by Elizabeth. I think it’s a great little song, with a lot of feeling.


Semanal 46; VloMo 10: Three Years On

My accidental discovery of the three-year-old video clip that I posted a few days ago led me to thinking about how things have changed over that time. The video blogging community has changed, as have my own expectations and interests.

Links to people and things I mention in the video:

And if anyone has a complete set of The 05 Project, please let me know (or even better, seed it as a torrent, and then let lots of people know!)

Semanal Week 24: In The Garden

Back in May we managed to find a relatively free, and even sunny, weekend. While shopping for the weekly groceries we bought a small disposable barbecue on a whim, and cooked dinner in the garden. All very pleasant and relaxing.

Semanal Week 22: Karting

Having fun with the go-karts at Letton Hall in Norfolk.

Can you tell which bits were shot on my old Nisis DVH10 camera (before it decided to pack up completely) and which were shot on the Pentax E40 digital camera I bought to replace it?

Semanal Week 45: Bonfire Night Thoughts from 2005

I was trawling through my hard drive looking for something else when I found this little piece to camera done on this date back in 2005. I never got around to posting it then, so I thought I might as well post it now!

Semanal Week 20: Landguard Fort

On the fifth of May there was an open day at Landguard Fort in Felixstowe, about ten miles from where we live. We went along and I took a few photos.

Here’s a sequence of those photos, mixed together with a selection of creative commons images of the same place from Ned Trifle and Andrew Galloway via Flickr. Thanks guys.

The music is “Between Light and Shadow” by Triplexity, also Creative Commons, via Jamendo.