Semanal Week 19: Bike Cleaning

When I joined the Semanal project back in January, I really hoped I would not have to do this, but life got on top of me and I missed posting for a sizeable chunk of weeks. It’s not that I stopped planning and recording video, I just couldn’t find the time or energy to edit and post completed pieces.

So now I am going back and knocking some of the stuff I captured into shape, and retroactively adding it to Semanal. I hope nobody minds 🙂

As an extra bit of fun, this month is also NaVloPoMo (a.k.a VloMo), so I am going to see if I can post something every day for the whole of November. So far I have never actually completed any of these challenges. I tried Videologging Week, I tried Semanal, but there’s always a chance I’ll make it this time!

Semanal Week 18: Tortoises

We have had a really warm and bright few days, here. Positively Mediterranean weather. This hot spell has coincided with our looking after Margaret’s parents’ two tortoises. The larger one (usually on the right) is “Tortie”, and is something over 75 years old; The smaller one is “Sam”, a mere 50-something. These reptiles are really enjoying their vacation in warm Ipswich, and they especially like eating our home-grown dandelions.

Semanal Week 17: Hazel

Earlier this month, out hamster Maizie died suddenly. Everyone in the family was upset, and it seemed a good idea to get another hamster. This video is a collection of clips of the new hamster “Hazel” taken on her first day with us, set to music.

Semanal Week 16: Karaoke

A different sort of video this week. I did not shoot or edit this one, but I did perform in it!

On Wednesday the company I work for had a team day in Felixstowe. After the all the staff training, discussions and stuff, they organized a karaoke party. This clip is a bit of my daughter Elizabeth and me singing “Barbie Girl” shot by a colleague with a camera phone (MP4 0:45 15MB).

Semanal Week 15: Snakes

This is another edit of a video shot in the summer of 2006. This one I started editing back in January this year, but got distracted and have just finished it off for posting this week.

The main problem with this one is the sound level. It was very noisy in the small animal house at Dinosaur Adventure Park.

Semanal Week 8: Science Homework

This week’s video is a collaboration with my daughter Elizabeth. Her class at school were each given a small kit and asked to do some science experiments at home. A fun bit of father-daughter time, and a great opportunity for a video.

I’m in two minds about the content of the homework, though.

  • On the one hand, it’s good to see schools and parents working together in education and any opportunity to get involved in practical science is great.
  • On the other hand, I’m very uncomfortable with the insidious nature of the corporate sponsorship and advertising in this pack, especially the way that part of the “experiment” is really just junk science aimed at convincing children that they need cleaning products. I’m sure that any effervescent mixture would “produce a rich lather” and displace ketchup in the same way. And without leaving half a jar full of undissolved pollutant behind.

While you watch this, see how many casual bits of advertising and Proctor & Gamble product marketing you can spot, and have a good think about how 10-year-old children are being trained to be good little consumers in the name of science.

PS. You think there is a choice of detergents?