Semanal Week 30: Office Rainbow

I was doing something or other in my home office back in June 2006, when I noticed that some unexpected object on my windowsill was casting a beautiful rainbow right across the ceiling. I recorded a bit of video and took a few stills, and now I have set it to a snippet of public domain music from 1928 (via the Internet Archive.)

Semanal 29: Otters

In May 2006 we were staying for a few days in Norfolk. One rainy day we took a trip out to see the otters at the nearby Otter Trust. It was a fun day despite the poor weather – the otters were cute and we all learned something about native wildlife.

The Otter Trust is now no longer open to visitors. Sometime since our visit they decided that there are now enough wild otters to sustain the population, and stopped the breeding program.

Semanal 28: Axel Dog

I’m having a lot of fun digging around my various hard drives and tapes looking for inspiration about what to post as a videoblog. This one is very short, but it made me smile when I found it.

The story is that we had stopped in some fast food restaurant while driving somewhere (I don’t recall exactly where), and the girls had had some sort of kids meal which cane with a toy dog. In the manner of fast food, the meal was soon over, but I needed a bit more break before continuing with the driving (and probably to finish my coffee, too!) I thought the little bored dance they did with the toy dog was cute, so I recorded it. It eventually sees the light of day over three years later.

VloMo 17: Illuminations

At the start of the month we went to visit Margaret’s parents in the midlands. As is traditional at this time of year we went to see the Walsall Illuminations. The weather was pretty bad this time, which led to somewhat fewer visitors but it was still a crazy mess of lights, sounds, people, smells and rain.

I have tried to recreate the sense of being there in this short video, even though I have not yet worked out to record smell, temperature or dampness. This video required the most audio mixing of probably any of my videos so far. At one point before I mixed it down it had something like 16 separate audio tracks, and I even added fades, compression and other fancy audio stuff which did push the capabilities of my software a bit.

Semanal 47 & VloMo 16: Smashing

A bit of speeded-up demolition fun.

Before I left to take all that wood to the landfill, Margaret reminded me that we have some friends with a wood-burning stove who would probably appreciate it. So I took it all out of the car again!

VloMo Day 15: Green Tea

Every morning at work I make myself a pot of green tea. The hot and tasty beverage is a great start to my working day. During the day I top up the pot with fresh boiled water, and usually get five or six large cups from the leaves I put in at the start of the day. Next morning I wash out the pot and start again.

This particular tea is a Sen Cha or Japanese Green Tea. I learned a lot about green tea (and other types of tea, too) from Tea Tips with Dr. Tea, a web video series which sadly seems to have stopped. Shame. I really looked forward to a new episode every week. I hope it starts up again.

VloMo Day 14: Fragments of my day

Today’s video is a collection of fragments which I recorded yesterday (2008-11-13). A little bit of my drive to work; A colleague goes to investigate a strange patch of unlikely “snow”; the noisy leaf-blowers which continually disrupt concentration at this time of year; and me explaining about VloMo to the staff at the site coffee shop.

Why was I explaining about VloMo? Because I had just gone up to them and asked them if they had a VloMo. They were suitably puzzled, then I explained. All this would have been a great video meme gag apart from two things: The ambient sound is appalling near an espresso machine, and my impromptu camera man (Harry “Just Like Maradonna”) managed to screw up recording the actual gag.

Oh well, that’s my day in a nutshell. Continually looking for more stuff to vlog 🙂

Semanal Week 27: Hazel the first week

A collection of a few video bits from the first week after we got Hazel the Hamster. She was only a few weeks old, but already starting to show her acrobatic talents.

Once again, live location sound provided by a nearby television. This time I recognize some sounds from Grand Designs, an advert for Norwich Union insurance, and some kind of medical or lifestyle documentary.

“New Love” – a song by Katherine

My daughter Katherine called me out to the garden to hear her sing her latest song composition, with roller-dance moves and backing vocals by Elizabeth. I think it’s a great little song, with a lot of feeling.